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Course Outlines

  • SAN4000F Ethnographic Research Methods And Methodology
  • SAN4001S Anthropology Of Societies In Transition
  • SAN4002H Research Project In Social-Cultural Anthropology
  • SAN4012F Anthropology Of Gender And Sexuality
  • SAN4015F/S Special Topics In Social-Cultural Anthropology
  • SAN4016S Visual Anthropology
  • SAN5003F Anthropology Of Development
  • SAN5009F/S Further Special Topics In Social Cultural Anthropology
  • SAN5011H Minor Dissertation
  • SAN5012F Culture, Health And Illness
  • SAN5013F Anthropology, Narrative And Social Life
  • SAN5014F/S Anthropology Of Youth In Research And Development
  • SAN5015H Minor Dissertation
  • SAN5016S Anthropology And Contemporary Theory
  • SAN5024S Tradition, Science And Environment
  • SAN5025F/S Ethnographic Problematiques